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What personal branding is, and why it is important: 5 ultimate reasons

These are no strange words. Personal means something that is peculiar to a person, something intrinsic that does not involve other aspects of a person’s life, like their businesses or relationships. Branding means those intrinsic values expressed in ways that make a person outstanding. Hence, the term, “Personal Branding”.

What is personal branding?


The first thing that people usually think of is business, but this thought is limited. Personal branding is so much more. It is who you are; the way you think and express yourself, your values and your influence on others. It’s your unique set of qualities. This makes personal branding extremely important when it comes to personal growth.

To be fulfilled in any endeavour, you first have to know who you are and you’d easily and more efficiently exhibit it to impact others. Why should I even care about others, I just want to get better at being me.

What would it mean to you if we had all the talent there ever was, and you were the only human on the face of the earth? We never achieve anything great alone. The fact is every talent /gift we portray, consciously or unconsciously affects others.

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Who you tells a lot about what you stand for. What pops up in your mind when you hear the name, Aliko Dangote? How about Uncle Ebo Whyte, Dzifa Dzigbordi-Dosoo, Gifty Anti, Asamoah Gyan, Will Smith, Kora Obidi or Taraji Henson? The music industry has names like Joe Mettle, Diana Hamilton, Nathaniel Bassey, Adina Thembi and Kofi Kinaata.

This is personal branding.

Why personal branding is important

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Why is personal branding important?

In other words, why are you so important that your actions and inactions influence others just as you’re also impacted by others?

  1. Personal branding improves personal growth and development

You are a representation of your values, dressing, and mannerisms and this extends to all your relationships/ interactions with people.

For instance, as a Christian Writer, a nature lover, an introvert and an empath, I intrinsically believe in integrity, and authenticity, building real relationships usually involving small circles and sharing my world to encourage others to be the best they can be. I do this, to a large extent because I have realized my purpose and it’s fulfilling. This is an unending process of getting to know me better each day, under different circumstances, and it means a lot to me that you’re reading this and that we continually learn from each other.

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  1. Personal branding builds trust

This affords people the opportunity to know you a bit more closely, even if you’re never going to meet them in person. Why do people like Lionel Messi, or Adjettey Anang when they have never met or spoken to them? Personal branding.

When people trust you, there are certain allegations they know cannot be true about you or that there is definitely a strong reason that you’d behave in a way that is unusual, if you stick to your principles, that is. This doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes. You need to use a lot of wisdom on this one, especially if you want to keep your family life or marriage private, like Nadia Buari It’s an established fact that not everyone is for you, but those who see and value your influence will remain. Why would people not patronize your goods and services if you have a business?

  1. Personal branding broadens your network

It is extremely beneficial to build a relationship with experts in your field. You learn, build capacity, grow, contribute and nurture others. It’s like an industry chain. You avoid or learn to work around challenges that others have faced, make your own mistakes, and find your path to being more efficient.

  1. Influence

When you stand out, your values influence people, be it positive or negative. I believe it should be the former though. You give people hope by sharing your story/ journey and creating avenues where they can be the best version of themselves.

Build trust

  1. Greater Opportunities

Teaching/ mentoring others is one of the best ways to learn. Giving others the opportunity to grow also builds you up, because everywhere they go, they carry you in their story. You become a reference point because of your investment in others. Doors open for you and your family where you never expected and you get the chance to meet people who you never knew you could meet in your lifetime. As the Good book says, “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men”.

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So, there it is. I hope you’ve now realized how important personal branding is, to you and those around you. It’s all about what you stand for, and the people you represent. Know who you are, be authentic, and allow that light of yours to touch and impact lives.

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