Invest in yourself

Top 5 tested basic ways to invest in yourself this year

Invest in yourself

Do you want to live your life to the fullest? It has become a cliché especially during seminars and workshops on many platforms to “invest in yourself”. However, do we even know what it means to “invest in yourself?”. We invest in businesses, insurance and much long-term profit-making structures hoping for a better future. I’m not a business person, but I’m absolutely for it (blogging is one of them).

In any case, on a more fulfilling note (if there’s any word like that), the best investment we can ever make is in ourselves, in people. Either way, people are the best form of information carriers, positive or negative and to change the world, it rests on our shoulders. What we don’t realize is that to be impactful, you should first be able to change yourself. Set the pace.

You probably must be thinking, ” why would I want to change the world?” You are products of many people’s ideas: inventors, dressmakers, hairstylists, academia, presidents and so on (no idea is ever new). In turn, everything you do or say has directly or indirectly affected others, especially those close to you. If not, you probably might be lonely and miserable.  In summary, a life without impact is one without meaning.

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Investing in yourself by acquiring skills, learning from people and relationships, reading books, practising self-love and impacting others are things that no one can ever take from you.

Businesses collapse and fold up, which we may give up along the line. On a much wider scale, people snitch and ditch, we fail many times but the lessons we learn from them are priceless. We may fail or succeed. The difference is who we are, our maturity and our mindset. We grow, generations are impacted and the world becomes a better place for all of us. But it takes patience and perseverance.

Give yourself permission to bloom; juice the lessons out of your past and leave the past where it belongs.

These nuggets will point you in the right direction and teach you how you can invest in yourself.

  1. Discover who you are.

What are your strengths, weaknesses, personality, dreams or ambitions and hobbies? Taking some time off to reflect is never a waste.

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  1. Discover and walk in your purpose.

Knowing who you are and what you enjoy doing makes it a lot easier to discover your purpose. Just so you know, you might be moving in the wrong direction all this while. When you do find it, walk in it and enjoy fulfilment. It’s really a breath of fresh air.


  1. Learn a valuable skill.

Take an interesting course, create or learn a new recipe, participate in online webinars and workshops that will build you as a person. The key is, it should be interesting enough for you. I’m so not good at crafting stuff with my hands. The excitement just takes a nose-dive the next minute. I’m more of a mind person, so I read and write and listen and learn a lot! Tow your own line too.

Follow social media pages that help you grow, not just for entertainment. After all, you bear the cost of surfing or browsing the internet. Make it worthwhile.


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  1. Normalize daily affirmations.

You might not agree with me but I personally don’t think there’s anything like a bad day. That’s just how we feel about the things that happen on a particular day. It’s all in your mind. I make up my mind to have a beautiful day every day by confessing some affirmations. The most recent one is “God will never leave me empty”. It’s so soothing, aside from “I am beautiful”. “I am creative”. “I can do so much more”. I repeat them over and over again. Gosh, it’s so refreshing. That way, it is difficult for certain things to get to you.


  1. Pay attention to your health.

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. A healthy body and mind improve productivity. Take rest to destress if you have to. Exercise, eat healthy, consciously maintain a peaceful atmosphere of positive energy. Mental health is very important.

Inspiration without growth leads nowhere!

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Tadaa! Now launch yourself out of your comfort zone. There are too many adventures and opportunities to be doing the same things over again, EVERY DAY. How boring! Invest in yourself daily!

I’m outta here, on my next self-investment journey. I’ll fill you up later.

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