The most-sought after jobs in Ghana

The most sought-after jobs in Ghana and 4 priceless tips on how to find them

Are there any jobs in Ghana at all? How do I find a job with no experience? How do I find a job fast? Well, you’re in the right place. Finding jobs in Ghana can be tedious, especially looking at the number of unemployed graduates in the system, not to mention people who have settled for jobs in Ghana just to make ends meet.

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Are there any jobs in Ghana at all?

Yes, there are many jobs in Ghana, because opportunities abound. Where there are needs in society, ideas, and therefore solutions spring up. Don’t worry, when I say ideas, I don’t necessarily mean entrepreneurship. I mean, having an entrepreneurial mindset. What does this mean? A mind that sees beyond the ordinary, thinking about new or improved ways of solving problems, even in already well-established organizations.  Now, with the influence of technology, it’s not an absolute necessity to work physically. You can work remotely or be physically present when necessary.

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Some of the most sought-after jobs in Ghana


It’s no doubt that getting jobs in Ghana these days requires at least, some level of literacy. Basic reading and writing and some mathematics are necessary for our day-to-day activities. This being said, these industries are some of the most sought after in Ghana.

NB: Every job comes with learning some skills, and with technology, you take it a notch higher. So, these categories are just for the sake of the organization of the text.

  1. Technically/technologically related jobs.

Jobs in Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Biotechnology, Data Science and Web development. Other creative jobs in tech are Social Media Management/Influencing, Blogging, Web Content Creation/Copy Writing, Graphic Designing and Forex Trading. In summary, Digital Marketing.

  1. Skill-related jobs.

These jobs require a particular skill set, aside from the use of technology, in one way or the other. These include Architecture, Real Estate Development, Food Industry jobs, Law, Administrative and Banking Industry, and Medicine (there are huge opportunities in being a Veterinary Doctor).

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3. Jobs in the National Security Service and Customs Division

There is usually a mad rush for jobs in the security services industry, especially the Immigration,  the Police and the Navy. The Customs Division under the Ghana Revenue Authority is also highly sought after.

  1. Entrepreneurship/ Self-employment

In 21st-century Ghana, many people are looking to earn multiple sources or streams of income. Some do it out of necessity, and others, passion. With digital marketing apps like Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, sales can skyrocket.

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How do I find jobs in Ghana with no experience?

The problem with many of us is that we don’t count internships, voluntary work and self-taught work as experience. When I say self-taught, I mean things you figure out on your own or learn through YouTube videos. All this is EXPERIENCE. NO FORM OF EDUCATION IS A WASTE.

NB: Don’t be in a hurry to start when you haven’t built your capacity. Also, don’t wait to figure it all out before taking a step. Start small, and never stop learning, and improving your craft. Be passionate about what you do, or do what you’re passionate about.

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How to secure some of the most sought-after jobs in Ghana

Getting a job is about identifying gaps or problems and creating solutions. You definitely need to know your industry or niche and make yourself relevant in terms of making a difference.

With some jobs, you may NEED to apply for at least two of these in some cases.

1. Understudy a pro

This gives you the opportunity to learn, first-hand the industry requirements, and to pick up certain skills. Be conscious about learning from them.

2. Volunteer work

Through volunteer work, you might meet many people, and if they notice how passionate and committed you are, you might get recommended.

3. Take temporary jobs

This doesn’t sound great, but if you need to or can take on a temporary job to add value to yourself or earn some income, you should.

4. Start that business you’ve been thinking about

There are certain things you may not know until you start that business. Remember, do not despise little beginnings! Seek help if you have to, you really have nothing to lose.

5. Be abreast with the latest news in the particular industry/ industries you want to work with.

Follow them on social media, and check their official websites often. Watch out for imposters! This way, you’re prepared, should you be called for an interview at any time. You may even discover other opportunities you never considered before —-serendipity huh?

6. Get a good CV, application letter (s)/proposal

Start putting your CV together if you don’t have one, it’s badly written or not updated. It’s really not a good idea to send the same application letter to different companies. Don’t know where to start, Contact The Writers’ Gh.

Remember to keep a copy of them in your mail and files/documents on your phone. You never know who you’ll meet, or when you’ll need them.

Opportunities to get jobs in Ghana

There are numerous platforms you can secure jobs in Ghana. They don’t necessarily have to be physical places. Some come as opportunities. Recognize and grab them.

Some of these include:

  1. Apps like LinkedIn, Fiverr and Upwork.

These apps are very beneficial to freelancers, and you can work remotely and get paid from anywhere around the world.

2. Referrals/ Recommendations

If you do a good job, and your work is appreciated, you’ll get referrals from many people. That’s how many beginners get their clients. Do you deliver on the job? Sometimes, it’s just how you explain things to them when you’re consulted. Oh, one last thing….build a healthy relationship with your clients, trust is very important.

3. Networking

Some people are walking jobs in shorts with tank tops, or hoods. Do not underestimate anyone, especially when you don’t know much about them. It’s not only people in suits and complementary cards who can help you find a job. You may need someone who knows another person to link you up. Don’t always look for people you think can help you. I think the best way to get a job, or any meaningful favour for that matter is to build genuine relationships. This requires time and sacrifice, service. It pays to serve in humility. Relationships are golden, cherish them. 

Do you attend business seminars in your niche? Start now! How are you preparing yourself for that job?

4. Walk to the manager of the company and offer your services

Be bold. A good friend of mine got himself a job in this way. When he walked into the office, he was told he had to book an appointment to see the manager. He said it was a personal matter, and that it was urgent, that’s why he had to be there in person. The secretary immediately led him to the manager’s office. He pitched his skills and landed himself a job. The rest is history.

This may not work for everyone or in every situation, but it definitely works.

Creativity vs. Hard work: which leads to success and why?

This time, we featured some industry players and this is what they have to say.

Oral Ofori

Oral Ofori is an award-winning Ghanaian-American digital media producer, Writer, and Entrepreneur. He is also the founder of  The African Dream LLC; an information and communication research consultancy. He’s currently the Consular Officer in charge of Customer Relations at the Embassy of Ghana in Washington, DC.

Oral Ofori is an award-winning Ghanaian-American digital media producer, Writer, and Entrepreneur.

Check him out on:

This is his take on the subject.

Both are good, you just need to have a perspective on how to apply them. You also need to weigh the situation in which you’re in before you apply any of them. As a blessing obtained from the advent of modern technology that helps to advance life, creativity, work, and living in general, I personally believe working with creativity is smarter than working hard. However, there are certain jobs that require manual labour. Even with such jobs, you could still work creatively, without exerting yourself in a way that affects your health, so can enjoy all the money you’re working so hard for. For me, being creative in your workspace helps a lot.

It helps because it cuts down on cost, makes things faster, and enhances quality, that is, if you’re doing it properly and adapting all the safety measures and industry standards that you would need to make sure that what you are doing is beneficial to your client. Ultimately, it should have an impact on society at large if you do it rightly.

So yeah, work is good. Whatever you find to do with your hands, do it genuinely, and if you’re like me, do it smartly, not too hard, but go hard on self-motivation because you are your best person to encourage you when times get hard and trust me they will. And even what you do involves hard work manually, make sure you’re applying all the necessary common sense, intelligence and knowledge, to secure a quality job and get it done quickly, properly, and without any injuries to yourself or those you work with. Not only physical injury but mental injury (stress is part of work sometimes).

Be encouraged to work creatively, and work smart. Even if you have to work hard, don’t let it be so much so that you don’t take advantage of technological advancement. Of course, talk to other people in the industry that you’re in, that way you can do it better, and smarter and earn your keep while making an impact on society and always ready for the latest industry practices because things are always changing so don’t be left behind.


Estella Writer

Estella Esinam Apenuvor is an emerging poet and short story writer who has had her work published in a number of anthologies. Apart from managing a literary blog,, she spends her free time engaging in peer education and watching romcoms.

Check her out on:

Let’s hear from Estella as well.

Literature allows writers to play the role of God. Writing allows creation by the use of words. Writers can spin, weave or mould words anyhow they please to form characters, ideas, and occurrences in their own unique way. Anyone can write, but to stand out, one must have some form of creativity. It doesn’t matter how small.

I personally feel like in the literary space, creativity is the vehicle, and hard work is the fuel. You cannot move a car without fuel, and neither can a gallon of fuel move on its own. Hard work is essential but there are several hardworking folks out there who produce clichès and find it difficult to come up with a magnum opus. I mean there’s nothing new under the sun, true, so to have a remarkable masterpiece, you’d have to as Austin Kleon puts it ‘steal like an artist, be creative and always distinguish your work from conventional writing styles.

So, you decide what it’s going to be for you, pertaining to your situation, Creativity or Hardwork? Are you building solid, genuine relationships? Are you serving, and in humility? These are your connections oh. I hope you’ve been enlightened on the many ways you can get jobs in Ghana. Let me just add this before I sign out. I believe in prayer (which empowers you), and grace (which equips you to take action). So take action, no time for dulling koraa (a Twi word which means “at all”). As Captain Planet would say, “The Power is Yours”.

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