lessons from diabetes

2 impressive lessons from diabetes

Lessons from diabetes

A few days ago, we (WCG youth) had an online seminar on diabetes (@Nana Kye Amoah, God bless you). Lessons of love can be learnt from diabetes. Lessons from diabetes!

Diabetes is an autoimmune disease.

A little intro… autoimmune means that instead of the body cells fighting to prevent the disease, they rather fight amongst themselves (healthy cells) and destroy each other.
I took a cue from this.

How we can learn from this

  1. Love

The body of Christ is like a puzzle. We need all the pieces put together and the binding agent is love.

Every other thing without love consciously or unconsciously fights against each other. We need to synergize to look more and more like Christ.

2. Unity
It’s quite unfortunate that sometimes there is so much mistrust and disunity hidden under the facade of activities. That is why there may be little changes in believers’ personal growth.

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Remember, a house divided against itself shall not stand (Mark 3:25).

Let’s rise up, let’s support each other especially in the little things.

For love is the centrality of the gospel. Love is shown, it is not prayed for and we can learn so much, even from negative situations like diabetes, lessons can be learnt.

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