How to study smart and remember for life

7 secret methods for studying: how to study smart and remember for life

Are you a student or a worker? Learning is an ongoing process, you’ve got to embrace it now before you embarrass yourself later. Hopefully, that won’t happen, this page is all yours. To begin with, studying is usually not the most exciting thing to do as a student. Many people wish they had photographic memories so their minds will capture every detail like taking a snapshot.

Well, not everyone has that, because not everyone needs that. If you want to know how to study smart and remember for life, it’s not in how long you study, c’mon. This article will show you how.

Study smarter, not harder

What does it mean to study smarter, not harder? Studying harder equals remembering every little detail and studying for long crazy continuous hours, like a caveman. You’re free to do that anyway, but why endure, when you can enjoy it? It’s the results that count. Don’t stress yourself out for no reason, especially if you’re a fresher in the university.

Secret methods for how to study smart and remember for life

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I don’t even know how to do this assignment, but they get a straight-A? That’s people for you. Do you, because everyone else has their recipe for success.

  1. Understanding is the ultimate, not “chew and pour” (memorize, write and forget)

This is the difference between people who make it in life and those who only memorize to score “A’s”. I can’t emphasize this enough! You may not graduate with a first-class degree, but you’ll graduate in the school of life as an asset! People will seek you when they need solutions to problems. The educational system is designed to make you think, not memorize and replicate information. This is supposed to lead you to know your purpose or talent and use it. 

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2. Know the lecturer’s trend of teaching and asking questions.

It’s easier to predict test questions and carve an approach for studying when you know what the lecturer expects of you. Apply that to each course, and you’re good to go. 

3. Learn how to write stuff down——not everything, just what you think. matters.

What I actually mean is, traditionally write with a pen or pencil and a paper, not an electronic device. Why I am saying this? This helps you remember and unconsciously memorize:

  • The page you’re writing on (left or right)
  • The order of things (after which topic, sentence or line)
  • Better your writing skills (your diction, handwriting)
  • Improve your memory (Not sure how this happens, but it always works)

You’ll be in deep trouble if you don’t know what matters in that lecture, else you should probably get a recorder, which is NOT ALWAYS SAFE.  

4. NEVER MISS A CLASS—-unless it’s for a very good reason.

Yes, not skipping lectures get you additional marks, but that’s not the most important thing. The lecturer or a colleague may make a statement, funny comment or something dramatic may happen that could trigger your memory when you forget during a test or exam.

This is a great tip on how to study smart and remember for life. I still remember when I was punished to kneel in front of the class for forgetting to pay for my Pretechnical Skills Workbook in Junior High School. That day we learnt about free-hand sketches. There you go!

5. Know yourself and what works for you.

Do you find comfort and peace learning in quiet places, with a table and chair? Do you prefer a little background music while studying? Are you okay learning at night, or during the day? Do you prefer being in the library, study room, or your room? Does watching videos work better than listening to audio notes? Whichever one works for you, go for it. The popular practice does not always work, because everyone has a different level of IQ and preferences.

6. Hold or participate in group studies.

Group studies

You don’t all have to be smart, but sharing ideas is important. You can help each other in areas where you fall short. The same reason why you should never miss class unless for a very good reason, is the same reason you should study in groups sometimes. Whiles this should not be your primary study method, like answering past questions, studying with a number of people helps you understand things from a different perspective, which may be easier.

That way, you easily remember the circumstance, scenario or manner in which someone said something when you forget.

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7. Have enough rest and take care of your body.

I’m not going to say rest for 8 hours or 5. Enough rest makes you energized for studying. It’s refreshing, and you don’t need to study long to get it. It improves concentration and general wellbeing.

Eating well leaves you with one less obstacle to learning well. Drink a lot of water, and eat fruits and vegetables often. Africans don’t like to hear this, but fruits and vegetables are much better than stocking your plate with so much starchy food.

How do toppers study?

“How can I study like a genius?” you may ask. Academics and students who top their studies or line of business dwell on knowledge. Of course, they don’t know everything. They just know enough to make them toppers.

Reading a 10-page document or article can be boring! That’s why we have executive summaries, help yourself with that. Either way, there’s an introduction, body and conclusion. The body is sure to be lengthy, so read the introduction and conclusion more thoroughly.

Toppers/ geniuses study smart, though some have photographic memories.

How to write a manifesto for school prefect jhs

Paige Writers blog

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the fact that you’re a genius doesn’t mean you’ll be the next school prefect. It’s true that many school prefects are “sharks”, but not all “sharks” are school prefects. Cultivating leadership skills are important in being a school prefect. 

Personality types do not determine whether or not you can be a leader. 

Everyone assumes it’s natural for extroverts to be leaders, but not introverts. Don’t sabotage yourself. Introverts can be better leaders if they realize it.

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Ask yourself these 5 questions on how to study smart and remember for life

  1. Have I identified gaps and ways to improve the lives of the people/ students?
  2. Can I relate well and work with people?
  3. Can I combine leadership with my academics/ work?

Many people are blinded by the bliss of being a leader and forget that it’s more of a responsibility. During my time in Senior High School, a colleague, who was likeable, and a “shark” became the school prefect. However, she suffered greatly in her academics and always needed extra tutoring after school.

Not many people heard much from her after school or knew how she performed after our final exams. It was quite a shame. Master both, or choose your studies. There is a tonne of leadership opportunities until you die.

4. Can I sacrifice my comfort for the well-being of others in demanding situations?

5. Can I be firm, and still gain trust and respect among the students/people?

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In writing your manifesto and being the leader you wish to have, consider the following:

  1. Speak from the heart, be sincere.
  2. Don’t say anything you’re not sure of.
  3. Don’t condemn your forebears yet, or get ahead with yourself.
  4. Always seek support and collaboration from stakeholders, especially the headmaster, headmistress, teachers and other colleagues.
  5. Lend a listening ear to the complaints and requests of everyone.

 Never make anyone feel that their suggestions are not important. You may not work with what they say, but value how people think or feel.

6. Remember people’s names, and pronounce and spell them correctly.

It seems like a small detail, but it shows how much you notice details about them.

7. Be humble, the very people who laid down their clothes and palm branches for Jesus to pass by are those who shouted, “Crucify him”.

8. Hold your values and principles. Don’t be influenced by pride and power.

9. Lead by example. Show them, don’t just tell them!

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What is the best method to study? 

How to study smart and remember for life

The best method to study is the one that works for you, not necessarily what worked for others. Study smart and remember for life.

If you must study smart and remember for life, I’ll strongly advise that you understand what you study. Anyone may be able to copy you, but they can never do or say it as you do. Prepare for life in general. 

How to study smart and remember for life is still not without effort. Cows don’t give milk, you milk them if you want milk. Quit wishing and start preparing your strategies. I hope this article on how to study smart and remember for life has enlightened you on not just studying to get maximum results, but given you some hints on how to approach practical life issues.

Let Paige Writers Gh teach you how to study smart and remember for life. For consultation or help on writing, editing or proofreading your academic work, or anything written, contact Paige Writers Gh. We prepare you for life—-just think it, we’ll write it. 

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