How to make money online without having a job

How to make money online without having a job: 10 savvy legit ideas

It’s never too early or too late to learn about how to make money online as long as you have the skills and have attained the working age of 18 years and above (for most countries, I think). Even if you don’t fall in this age bracket, you’re good to go as long as it can be managed for you.

Making money online may be something you want to do on the side or as a full-time job, starting over from scratch. Either way, it’s totally worth it.

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You might want to save that extra income for a project or to improve your craft to build experience and pitch yourself higher in the job market. Make money online the right way and thank me later.

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The following might give you a clue on how to make money online in Ghana as a student, worker or unemployed person.

Make genuine money online

  1. Love writing? Freelancing is a great way to hone your skills or talent and get paid for it.

This is a great opportunity to make money online as a student in Ghana. It’s that flexible so you can choose what to accept and do it in your own time. If you own a company or want to outsource a project.


What is freelancing/who is a freelancer?

Freelancers are independent of any organisation in the long term. They work for themselves. It’s usually a work-from-home kind of gig. Categories for freelancing may include:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Interpreter
  • IT Consultant
  • Web designer
  • SEO Analyst
  • Social Media Manager
  • Writer
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Event Planning
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Legal Aid
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Data Analysts

Freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr are great. 

At Upwork, you can post a job and hire someone to get it done online.

To hire a freelancer online:

  • Sign up or log in to your account here. Use a professional name and email address.
  • Post a detailed description of your skills/talents or interests
  • Decide whether you want to want a fixed price or an hourly payment
  • Add your budget and deadline 
  • Post the job description to search for the right person that best matches your job description
  • Agree on the timelines and payment
  • You’re ready to hire now.

You can pay or choose to get paid via credit card, Paypal or bank account. A small fee is charged on each payment.

Writers could earn a salary of about $30 (₵225.75) to $40 (₵301.00) per hour and about $40,000 (₵301,000.00) annually. 

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To get your first online job on Upwork, click here to begin the application process.


To get started on Fiverr,

  • Sign up or log in to your account here. Use a professional name and email address.
  • Set up your profile.
  • Activate your account.
  • Add additional material like testimonial pictures or videos.
  • Get notified on gigs that match your skills.

Earn between $5 (₵37.62) and $10,000 (₵75,250.00). You earn 85% of each gig and the rest is paid as commission to Fiverr. Start selling here.

You can pay or choose to get paid via credit card, Paypal or bank account.


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Are you a geek? There are millions of students in Ghana. How to make money online as a student yourself should be easier.

Assist colleagues and friends write their assignments and project work only in your free time, especially the mature students, for a few cedis. Need help with writing, proofreading and editing your article, book draft, assignment, term paper or project work? We’re great at this. Paige Writers Ghana, a family of seasoned writers,  has you covered. Contact us here. We specialise in the Social Sciences, deliver plagiarism-free content and offer coaching sessions as well, at affordable prices and within a reasonable period of time.

You can also make money online by blogging.

Blogging means writing about a particular aspect of life, so often that you could call it journaling. A blog is an online platform for writers of all genres (fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry, etc) to create content that readers or viewers can easily relate to.

Want to have your own personal website or for your business and rank high for top searches? Kekeli Buckner Agency is your one-stop shop for training, website hosting, website building and SEO right here in Ghana. You might want to get his book, “Let’s talk SEO” or contact him directly. Making legit money online in Ghana is not what some people tag as “quick money”. My advice is to be extra cautious about ads on how to make money online quickly in Ghana. Patience indeed moves mountains.


2.  Love reading/ Are you a reading guru? Read, critique books and answer surveys for money. 

You’ll first need to join an accredited company to do that. Do your background checks well. If you run out of options, you might want to consider signing up for Upwork or Fiverr as discussed in point 3.

3. Affiliate marketing

 Advertise for a company as an agent and get some commission, on every purchase made by the audience or services rendered. This can be from Fiverr, Jumia, Shopify, Grammarly or Amazon

4. Love kids? Babysit for a little extra cash.

As a teenager, I did this for free and I loved and still love it. My mum taught me well. I used to get phloems out of my younger brother’s nostrils when he had a severe cold and cried with discomfort. Did I hear you say,” yuck”? It’s not your fault anyway, lol.

However, blogging won’t allow me to do that anymore. Some of us don’t mind changing dirty diapers, bathing babies and feeding them. It’s a joy and a miracle watching babies grow right under your nose. You can do this for a few cedis to cater for transport, food or clothing.

5. Love talking?

Start a vlog or be a social media influencer. You don’t need to do anything crazy just to get people to subscribe. You just need to be yourself and have fun.

You can also create a podcast, that way, no one sees you, like they do all the time on YouTube. It can be for comedy or any other topic of interest like cooking, singing, live art, spoken word and so on.

6. Love selling/marketing?

Sell slightly used items from friends and family who no longer want them for extra cash. Unfortunately, we don’t even have a lot of garages in Ghana, not to talk of garage sales like in other continents. This gives you ideas on what you can sell as a student to make money in Ghana, apart from your skills.

7. Love taking pictures?

Start a photography/videography business. The pool of opportunities will amaze you. You could start with your iPhone or save to buy a professional camera. Take random pictures of strangers, with their consent of course, if you have to; breathtaking pictures of nature, a few shots of family members and friends to hype you. Get a brand name and offer to take pictures at family gatherings and memorable events involving smaller groups for free or at a small fee, to gain loyal customers and grow in your niche. Over time, and with experience, the bigger gigs will fetch you more income as you establish credibility. You could even learn to use a few editing software like photoshop.

8. Are you a learner, researcher or teacher?

Make money online in Ghana easily, COVID-19 forced the tech laggers to hop online. Amazing teaching platforms like zoom, telegram, facebook room and google classroom can help you reach your students in Ghana or worldwide. In Ghana, usually from primary school, many parents seek extra classes teachers for their wards. Even in the university, you could offer to be a private Teaching Assistant for students in a particular field. 

9. Are you a financial guru?

Learn forex trading. Forex is short for foreign exchange. Being a foreign exchange trader is basically buying international currency and selling them back when they gain value or appreciation and vice versa (with regards to selling).

 It is regarded as the most liquid market where over 1 trillion dollars are traded daily. (Imagine 1 trillion dollars of unrealised profits passing over your head daily. Lol).In the past, this had to be done physically but now with the help of Technology virtual platforms have been created to help financial traders do this online from a laptop even a phone. To trade the financial markets you will need 


  • A broker is basically, a person or company, that buys and sells currency pairs on your behalf and issues your profits. The choice of a broker often comes with payment methods. Some only receive payment and offer withdrawal of profits through credit cards while others do so through other online platforms like Skrill, PayPal or even Mobile Money. Imagine that! 

Let’s look at some brokers and trading platforms 👇

A broker like Exness offers this option.

So it’s about what is convenient for you as a trader

  •   A trading platform. The most popular is Mt4 (Meta Trader 4) 

There are also others like Mt5 and cTrader.

The difference between these platforms is usually the indicators they offer. Indicators help traders predict whether the market for a currency is bullish(buying) or bearish(selling). 

Again, it’s about what is convenient for you as a trader.

  • A trading system with good money management. 

The risk involved in trading in the financial market is very high. Without knowing what you are really doing you will end up losing a great amount or even all of your capital.  Education about the financial markets is critical before anyone begins forex trading. 

Here is a popular online resource on Forex trading where you can learn everything from scratch.

Click here. 

10. Social media management

Are you a social media enthusiast or looking for someone or an organisation to handle your personal or business social media handles? Either way, you can make money online in Ghana through Facebook and Instagram ads; increasing social media followers; engaging potential clients by responding to comments; creating content and graphic designs to represent brands.

If you were looking for a shortcut to “making money online quickly”, this might not be useful info for you. For what it’s worth, knowing how to make money online in Ghana as a student or worker should be legit. With a pinch of patience, hard work, surrounding yourself with the right people in your niche and using the right tools, you’ll be on the right path. Written by Felix and Emmanuella.

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