Ghana's share of lessons from COVID-19

How to take advantage of Ghana’s share of lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic :10 tips

Ghana's share of lessons from COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has been a great eye-opener to many economies of the world and the situation in each country is peculiar. Ghana’s share of the pandemic during the lockdown can be a blessing in disguise. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Some key highlights of Ghana’s share of COVID-19 are listed below;

1. Bonding of the family unit is crucial no matter the circumstance.

2. Every citizen can indeed unite for a common goal irrespective of a religious, political party, football club affiliation.

3. God can indeed draw all men to Himself without man’s help.

4. Inequalities between the rich and poor have always been in existence.
It’s clearly shown now as we scramble to store food items to the detriment of the poor.

5. We are forced to love our neighbours as ourselves in our bid to be safe.

6. Obedience to the directives of God and our authorities is a sign of faith.

7. It is possible to keep our nation clean if we work together. Now we are forced to go back to step one– personal hygiene.
A lot could have been different.

8. Innovation and creativity can be born.
Many have learnt to make our sanitizers, study and work online.
Local inventions like “Veronica buckets” have become popular.
Some also use “Kufuor gallons” to ensure regular hand washing.
Perhaps, there could be more.

9. Over beaurocratic systems impedes progress.

10. Side chick businesses seem to have been affected too (Lol😂)

There’s hope for Ghana to learn and grow as a country. Ghana’s share of the pandemic can be contained if we as individuals play our part.

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~Paige Writers Gh

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