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How to crush fear in the of COVID-19 era

So, for a while now, I’ve been studying about having faith in this COVID-19  phase. This is particularly because sometimes until we are faced with seemingly impossible situations, we get really comfortable at our level of growth in Christ and fear easily creeps in. Including the fear of COVID-19.

Is faith hope?

Most often we assume faith to be hope or positive energy, but it’s way beyond that. Hope is in the future whereas faith is always in the now and in action. Faith says I don’t need to see or understand this circumstance, I only know that God said it, I believe it and that settles it. Positivity here is then an attitude of faith that says, “Come what may, I’m sticking out to God” with gladness. This can be hard, right?

How fear works

Sometimes, we live in a two-faced world of “church” and “reality”, often quoting “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar” and crave for some encouragement and hope in “reality”. I know, we’re all not perfect but growth is a gradual process and what better time it is to exercise what we believe in. We are the Church and the Church should be our reality as believers. Let’s brace ourselves!

It doesn’t do any good to profess faith in God and join others to speak or act otherwise. This makes our initial confession ineffective. We deceive ourselves. What substance then does our faith have?
Be encouraged not just to keep the faith but maintain and spread it, not fear.

Let’s adhere to the safety measures in maintaining your confession of faith in God and kiss panic attacks goodbye.

Join me choose faith over fear! Leave a comment and let’s interact.

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