Common student academic problems in Ghana

8 common student academic problems in Ghana and how to resolve them

Life already serves us problems from the word, go, and being a student in Ghana is no joke. From creche, Kindergarten, and Junior High School (JHS) through to the tertiary level, it takes years of racking your brains, being punished for one or two reasons, and becoming junior or senior at different stages. Even informal training requires some level of seriousness to pull through. Let’s discuss 10 common student academic problems in Ghana and how to deal with them.


Anything that affects your peace of mind, affects your studies. If you’re a student or have ever been a student, you may have faced some of these common student academic problems at one point in time or the other. 


Some common student academic problems include:

  1. Sleeping during studies.

  2. Financial issues.

  3. Relationship issues.

  4. Choosing the wrong course.

  5. Problems at home.

  6. Bad company.

  7. Time management.

  8. Complacency.

How can I avoid sleeping while studying?

Sleeping and studying

Sometimes, you’re really tired, other times too, it’s just laziness. Consider these tips to get your A-game on.

  1.  You need to catch some rest if it is tiredness or stress.

 If not, get moving, your academics is not going to improve just by wishing it.


Take a nap during the day to stay up at night if you’re a night person. Have enough rest at night, so that you can study well during the day if you’re a day person. You know yourself well, be disciplined and work on it.


2. Which posture works best for you?


The table and chair posture, I call it “The executive bookworm style” or the “Friday night style”, I mean relaxing in bed. The former is my absolute favourite.


3. Get something to sip or nibble on.


Just water for me is okay, though I wouldn’t mind taking some Don Simon fruit juice with freshly baked butter bread, either with some fried eggs or margarine that melts all the sleep from my eyes. Ermmm….coffee doesn’t work well for me, in fact, I feel sleepy after drinking coffee. Go with what works for you.


4. Noise or quiet.

I thrive in silent learning environments unless I’m solving mathematics. I wouldn’t mind some music in the background then. However, student life never goes as planned! Noise or no noise, “we for mow”, we all dey inside!


5. Long or short sleeves?

Sometimes I study at short intervals within the day. Other times, especially if it’s an interesting subject, I could go on and on all day! One time, I studied a subject I’m passionate about, Environmental Law, Oh, I practically read every single material. Not a single detail escaped me, yet, I was so confused when I had the exam paper in front of me because I had no idea which question to answer and where to start from. Then I attempted a question halfway through only to realize I couldn’t remember the rest……. That was the most messed up time in my exam life. The next thing I knew, my lecturer called for me asking what happened? 


6. Get a study partner(s)

Sometimes, we need a little push to sit up. Is there someone who can wake you up to study, ask you questions at odd times, and photocopy handouts and materials for you? Don’t take them for granted, even if that’s not your style. You’ll definitely remember a thing or two.

How can I secure a student loan in Ghana?

When it comes to financial issues, it’s always better to be on the safest side, especially being a student and anything that takes your mind off your books constantly contributes to academic problems. 

Whichever university/ college you are in, make enquiries either from the Student Representative Council (SRC) or your school/department administrator. If it must be done, it must be done well.

Oh, one more thing, be careful to read and understand all the terms and conditions so you don’t sign up for something you’ll regret later.


How to effectively manage my time.

Study partners

“Time is money”, they say. Are you a student entrepreneur, or do you have a great interest in extracurricular activities? If not, you should really reconsider. School is not just about your books, you know. 

You can still shuffle between anything and get good grades, with careful analysis and determination.


  1. Have a personal timetable.
  2. Write down your plans/goals/where you want to be in the next 5 years.
  3. Anytime you have to do something and you don’t feel like it, read your goals out to yourself.
  4. Have a good rest.
  5. Have time for friends and recreation.
  6. Have a plan B anytime you are delayed for one reason or the other. Eg. Waiting in a queue to buy something or to see the doctor—–reading a book, making your phone calls, listening to uplifting music, etc. Just don’t be idle.
  7. Get someone to hold you accountable.


What can I do about not choosing the right course?

One of the worst things that could happen to a university student is choosing the wrong course. It just messes you up. There’s no enthusiasm to study or participate in anything academic. This constitutes some common student academic problems in Ghana.


No, it’s not that you’re dumb, no one was born that way. You just need to discover what you’re good at and work towards it.


  1. See the school counsellor for options.
  2. Change your school, with your parent’s or guardian’s consent, of course.
  3. Take short courses on the side and manage what you’re studying at the moment.

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Roommate problems?

Perchers, messy roommates, opportunistic people, narcissists, extremely loud people, the list goes on and on. People from different backgrounds, values, religions, and perceptions meet in a single room and are to stay peacefully. Offences are bound to happen, but YOU MUST ADJUST, BE CONSIDERATE AND PUT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH FIRST. No violence of any form should be used.

How to handle relationships on campus.

Campus relationships

I know, the main reason for being on campus is none other than your books and making lifetime memories with friends, but hey! Love happens sometimes, and you’re just going to brush that off? Well, it may or may not be, but the main deal is,  books first, no matter what! It’s your choice really. 

Asking yourself these questions will do you good, whether you’re in a relationship or 

  1. How were you doing before you got into the relationship?
  2. Why are you entering the relationship /why are you in the relationship?
  3. How do you feel being in a relationship with this person?
  4. Does the relationship make you a better person?
  5. Is it a two-way thing? I mean, are the two of you putting ing in the necessary effort and making things work?
  6. Where do you see yourself with this person in the future? Do your values and goals align?

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Ermmm, if you “can’t live without this person”, you’re in deep trouble! Butterflies will not last long in your stomach, there’s too much acid in there.

What will last is genuine mutual friendship, respect and a passion for each other.


What you should be mindful of ;

  • Do not be pressured into being in a relationship by your friends. THERE’S NO RUSH. Your time will come.
  • Do not get intimate if you don’t want to unless you know the consequences and are ready to bear them.


Some consequences include; 

  • Pregnancy
  •  STDs
  •  Dropping out of school, embarrassment

I mean, why cohabitate if you’re not married when you can be a full-blown student and enjoy campus life? 

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Are you being bullied?


As a 7-year-old from a new school, I was constantly bullied. There was just too much gossip. I was (am) damn good, academically and a threat. Sometimes when people consider you a threat, they hurt you. It has absolutely nothing to do with you. They’re their own problem. There is nothing wrong with you! Seriously, if you haven’t been bullied before, you have absolutely no idea how traumatic it is, but I have overcome it.

You can repeat these affirmations over time.

  1. I am unique. I won’t compare myself to anyone. I won’t be anyone else’s second version.
  2. I accept myself for who I am. I don’t need to be a bootlicker to be liked or accepted by others.
  3. I am beautiful and smart. I can succeed at anything I put my mind to.
  4. No one can stop me. I am unapologetically happy.
  5. No one can determine my future. Though my situation may look bad, I will overcome it.

How to study better with dyslexia.


What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects one’s ability to read, write and remember details. Nevertheless, if you put in the work, you’ll get there. If you’re dyslexic or have a child or a loved one with this condition, consider the following:


  1. As discussed earlier, manage your time wisely.

You probably have to spend more time and strategize studying.


2. Use colourful charts, graphs, pictures, flashcards or any learning aid to help you picture it better.

3. Reward yourself/child/loved one anytime you/they make progress.

4. Be tech-savvy.

In this modern age, technology can do almost everything. Search for easy to use tools or apps that can help you grasp things faster. Settle on one that best suits you and work with it.

5.  Never hesitate to ask for help when you’re overwhelmed.

Don’t feel bad or apologise for the way you are. Accept yourself and ask for help. No matter how others may make fun of you, there are still beautiful souls out there who will understand and guide you. If you never ask, you may never get better.

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You get the drift now, right? You are bound to face any of these common student academic problems at one stage or the other. Remember not to face them alone. Don’t get depressed, nor have suicidal thoughts. If you need someone to talk to, get in touch with us. Also, speak to the guidance and counselling unit of your school. Need your essay, project work or story edited and proofread? Paige Writers Ghana is all you need. Being a student is in itself not easy. Let’s get talking.

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