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6 incredible success tips for wedding photographers in Ghana

No man is an island. What is life, without people to share in your joy? Making memories is an important reminder of where you were, how far you’ve come, and how to prepare for brighter days, and wedding photographers in Ghana are an indispensable part of your big day. Either you hire a wedding photographer, or make someone else’s day worth remembering whilst making money doing what you’re passionate about, as a wedding photographer. Quit wondering where to begin or how to start; this article will guide you on success tips for wedding photographers in Ghana. 

Weddings in Ghana

I’m excited to introduce to you, a genuine, authentic, and classic photographer. You’ll love his team. Whether you need professional photography services, or you need to hone your photography skills as a newbie or polish your skills, this article is for you!

Success tips for wedding photographers in Ghana

Take practical steps; start now.

1. Define your goals and prepare for them (weekly, monthly, or annually)

Wedding photography as a hobby or as a business. Given this, take extra online short courses, learn from a mentor, and experiment with a few strategies to know what works in the industry and how to distinguish yourself. This will make you outstanding and people will pay for the best! This qualifies as the most important among the other success tips for wedding photographers in Ghana.

2. Get the tools you need to thrive

You may have started with an iPhone and a few editing skills. That’s fine. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a day, but you must improve upon your craft. Get a professional website to market your brand and with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase traffic and convert readers into clients.

Get a good lighting system and professional cameras.

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account? Show your work to the world; don’t end up being a local champion. Start local, then go global. You get the drift, right?

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3. Build a good relationship with your clients 

A great relationship is like gold, even more, it’s priceless. Your success in life, and not just wedding photography depends heavily on relationships.

Show me a business that lacks the trust of its clients, and I’ll show you one that is almost out of operation. Your craft would not be appreciated if no one needed it; it is not just for your interest, but to satisfy a need. Word of mouth is a great way to establish your client base and be recommended for bigger gigs that might take a while to get with other forms of advertisement. Establishing a good relationship with your clients may guarantee not only loyalty to your brand. This is an indispensable part of success tips for wedding photographers in Ghana.

4. Experience

 Test your equipment and know what to do in case of unprecedented happenings so that you don’t embarrass yourself. People need to see confidence to be assured that their pictures will turn out well ( at least at the beginning). 

5. Know your stuff (technical)

 Scout the location; in terms of lighting and the background. Don’t just exude confidence. There’s this natural confidence you exhibit when you’ve got your act together.

6. Examine some of the things you can do to make it easier for clients. 

These may include price packages, regularly responding to queries, delivering quality pictures, and before deadlines. You may want to also consider framing the photos for clients in different sizes and delivery services if need be. Give promotion giveaways for customers and on some holidays or Black Friday sales.

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How do I price myself?

Pricing yourself as a photographer can be a sticky situation because photographers are usually torn between what their competition’s prices are and what the client is willing to pay. 

  • The cost of your work should be based on how much it cost you to put together the final work for the client. Averagely, costs may range from GH 2,300.00 to GH 6,000.00 or more, depending on the client’s preference and the effort put into it.
  • If it is your side job, you can be a bit picky with what gigs to accept at given intervals based on your schedule. Price your craft by the value you create, the preference of clients, and the time available.
  • If it’s your day job, price yourself so you can thrive. Cushion yourself to get a little to save and/or reinvest into your craft in the future.

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In a nutshell, covering a wedding may begin by taking pre-wedding shoots, traditional wedding photos, White weddings, and receptions and continue with baby shower shots, naming ceremonies, birthdays, and other special requests from clients. Nail this well, and you may be booked for life!

Do you want to learn photography, are you an upcoming wedding photographer or want to collaborate on any level? Contact Kwasi Image on Facebook, Kwasi Image on Instagram, and KWASIIMAGE on Twitter.

Kwasi Image

These success tips for wedding photographers in Ghana will come in handy on your journey to hone your skills and make money for it. For quality, affordability, and great customer service for all your events (weddings, birthday photoshoots, and so on) across Ghana, contact Kwasi Image and follow his pages for an awesome experience.

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