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5 signs you’re an empathetic person

Without empathy, this world would be chaotic. Everyone would be consumed in their own affairs and never even feel the need to ask for help. Let’s face it. What do you call people who do not consider others in anything they do? Your guess is as good as mine. Our actions reflect who we are. So, we expect people to react as we would, and often get disappointed or frustrated if they don’t. We’ll be discussing shortly 5 signs that show that you’re an empathetic person.

For instance, a kind man naturally expects everyone to be kind to them and can’t understand why people cannot just say thank you after a favour. After a while, if the receiver does not show gratitude whatsoever, he/she concludes that that’s the way they are. It still baffles him.

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In another scenario, if a hot-tempered person is treated kindly over time, he/she may conclude that’s the way the other person is, though they may feel ashamed for acting rashly. However, he/she still doesn’t understand why and may take the person for granted in the long run. That’s why people often say, “Be careful of a quiet person”, because you don’t know when they will strike. In actual fact, no one likes to be taken for granted.

In summary, a self-centred person may not expect to be considered, so may find it difficult to ask for favours unless the other person has proven to be thoughtful nevertheless.

What is empathy?

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The ability to understand and feel the pain and joy of others is called empathy. You care enough to do something about a situation, but realise it doesn’t always seem like such a big deal to others. Unfortunately, sometimes, we overdo them.

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What am I talking about?

Are you:

  • Compassionate?

  • Feel the pain of others, sometimes, even physically?

For instance, you cry or are very moved when you watch movies, many a time.

  • You’re sensitive.

You’re sensitive and meticulous about yourself and others. You tend to be picky about things, except if you think it would hurt others.

  • Someone who loves nature?

  • A good listener/ people tend to tell you their problems.

  • Good/sharp intuition

  • You choose to see the good in people, even when they’re showing you their true colours.

  • You’re passionate about what you do

Then you’re an empathetic person.

Disadvantages of being an empathetic person

Disadvantages of empathy

  • May be swayed by acting on your emotions.

People lie and are deceptive and manipulative. The world is not fair. Emotions are deceptive because they can easily change. Before you do or say anything, think about it to be sure you won’t regret your decision.

  • Could easily be taken for granted.

May be victims of narcissists or toxic people. People test impulses. If they find you “soft” or find your weaknesses, they’ll hit that spot, unless you act or speak up. Sometimes, you don’t realise how important someone is in your life until they’re no longer there. Don’t take people for granted or allow anyone to take you for granted, not even family.  People respect what you respect. Know your worth, and it will reflect outwardly.

  • Your intuition can be wrong.

You beat yourself up for it.

  • Often overwhelmed from trying to help everyone.

Helping everyone and neglecting yourself only makes you miserable and a people-pleaser. Learn to refuse people when it goes against your principles. You’ll eventually save yourself from trouble.

  • May lose yourself.

Losing yourself comes into the picture when you define yourself by what you think others will accept about you. Your uniqueness, talents and abilities are buried inside you but you only see and recognise others.

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There are disorders associated with not being empathetic and also being super/extremely empathetic. Read more here.

Empathetic people can leverage their downsides by, considering these.

  • Who am I?

  • What is my purpose in life?

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  • Setting boundaries and being accountable to someone.

  • Understand that you can’t help/fix everyone/everything.

This is exhausting. Sometimes, you just have to mind your own business. Not everyone needs your help. You may get yourself into a mess by being “superhuman”.

  • You often need to withdraw from people so you don’t get tempted to act heroically every time something goes wrong.

Empathetic person

This is only temporary because you can’t live in isolation. Shut the world down and focus all your energy on yourself.

After all, you cannot give what you don’t have.

Being an empathetic person is a blessing, and you should be and have empaths in your life. However, learning to balance your needs and that of others is important to your mental health.

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