5 basic self-confidence hacks you need daily

Self-confidence is a mindset, a perception we have about ourselves. Everyone is confident in a particular aspect of their life. I like to believe that confidence levels are a spectrum. There are no absolutes. There is a minimum level of confidence every person has in them and the inverse is too much confidence which, in most cases, is a thin line that leads to arrogance or pride. A healthy self-confidence helps us grow daily in our relationships with people, but most importantly, with ourselves. It doesn’t just help us to feel good. It helps us value and cherish ourselves and encourages other people to treat us likewise. No one even remembers a timid person. For some reason, they seem to be invincible.

A person who has low self-confidence is:

  • timid (not bold or courageous to stand for any cause of action or to stand up for themselves)

Humility is not timidity

  • a boot-licker (they will do anything to get a favor from someone)
  • people-pleaser (they care too much about what other people think that they don’t live and will do anything to make people like and accept them)
  • has low self-esteem or self-worth (they don’t think they can ever amount to anything in life. They don’t think they matter to anyone or any cause). They see everyone to be better than themselves.
  •  always taken advantage of and exploited. They’re too careful not to offend anyone but themselves.

Why can’t I be slim, wealthy, have more friends, be sociable, be smarter, or popular like them? You miss out on a lot when you constantly think others are better than you. We’re all different. Look within. Building healthy self-esteem is internal.

 On the other hand, a person who is overly confident or proud:

  •  thinks he or she is superior to everyone else
  •  never accepts mistakes
  •  cannot be corrected
  •  will not be accountable to anyone
  •  has a sense of entitlement that says, “I am always right, so I deserve to be shown respect and worshipped but no one deserves my respect”.

This is why having a healthy balance is important.

Now, a person with healthy self-confidence:

  • believes in himself/herself and his or her values, even if it’s not a popular opinion
  • acknowledges that they can be wrong sometimes
  •  learn from his/her mistakes and are optimistic
  • always seeks to be a better person
  • is not scared to stand for what they believe is right, even if they lose the support of other people.


These practical tips will help you build healthy self-confidence.

  1. Have a change of mindset- the growth mindset.

This could take a long time to manifest but it is worth it. See yourself as who you would want to be in a few years’ time or in the future. The purpose is not to make you feel bad for being nowhere close to that but to give you hope.

Since consistent low self-confidence thoughts and attitudes were built over time, we have to replace them with consistent healthy self-confidence thoughts, even if you have to pretend (It works every time!)


  • Create some values and boundaries for yourself.
  • Speak with boldness and grace. Know that you don’t need to walk around proving to the whole world what you are. Not every question is meant to be answered. Show it, don’t tell it. Know that you can’t control what other people do or say about you but you can choose how to react to them. Do it wisely!
  • walk with boldness (upright, raise your head up high, and don’t slouch when seated).
  • dress well (you don’t necessarily need to wear expensive clothes. Clothes that don’t just cover your nakedness but depict who you would want to become).
  • Take care of your health. Eat well, drink a lot of water, and exercise.

3. Accept what you cannot change and magnify those you can.

Remember that the other person has as many problems of their own as you, if not more. They’re just good at what you suck at…..hiding it.

No one is perfect. Of course, you can change your mindset about many things. It’s a journey you need to make on your own accord though it might take a long time. If you wait to have everything before you take action, it may never happen. Work with what you have now to get what you want in the future.

One of the most powerful people, I believe, is a person who already knows and accepts his/ her weaknesses. He/she can never feel insulted with it.

  1. Discover your passion.

Nothing makes you feel as confident when you discover and develop your passion or talent. You may not feel confident in the beginning but as time goes on, you get consumed in it so much that you forget about everything else. Do that more often. Join a group or team that is into that talent or skill.


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  1. Practice making eye contact.

Some cultures are against making eye contact, especially with elderly people when speaking. I have come to discover that it makes people look down on you and put you across as a timid person. Avoiding eye contact could also mean that you’re hiding something from someone or that you’re telling a lie. People who make eye contact show that they know what they’re about and that they believe in themselves and it, makes others have confidence in them too. No wonder many high-profile criminals are difficult to arrest. Either they’re confident that they’re not doing anything wrong or they feign confidence so that they don’t get caught.


  1. Don’t be scared to try new things

For an utterly shy person, coming out of your shell can be such a pain! Uncomfortable is an understatement. You have to be desperate enough to pull through this one. It may take a while but it’s totally worth it.

Yet, ask yourself, “what do I have to lose?”

This reminds me of the story of the 4 lepers in the Holy Book. Choose how to die. Will you rather die wondering what could’ve been at the other end if you tried or you would die taking the risk to find out, in fulfillment, the other beautiful side of you?

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  1. Associate with confident people.

The old saying, “show me your friends and I’ll show you my character” is still relevant. A dumb person associating with 2 of the most intelligent people in the room makes him the 3rd most intelligent person in the room over time. So, surrounding yourself with confident people gives you the grit to step out of your comfort zone. What’s natural for a confident person will soon apply to you.


Remember that there are just some things that cannot be done for you no matter what. The right attitude and mindset cannot be bought, it must be consciously cultivated, and so is self-confidence. To achieve it, you need to realize it yourself. I hope this post creates awareness of the unlimited possibilities you can ever imagine and brings out the giant in you.



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