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5 sacred 2020 life goals you can still achieve and enjoy


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Before you lose hope, read this. Sacred, oh yes! Cherished, of course, it is. Now, I’m a bit shy being a little personal. Life goals are important for everyone who desires to live a fulfilling life. Just thinking about these goals is a great start. This year is different, not like any other, at least in this century but dreaming  is key.  Don’t lose hope in your 2020 life goals. We still have many days to kiss 2020 goodbye.

I have never done a thing like this before, especially in this critical year. Though it occurred to me several times, I brushed the idea off.

Typical of the beginning of the year, everyone, or let me simply put, most people have new year resolutions. That’s okay by me, except that I realized, they could be a little over the top compared to available resources and the will to not abandon them along the line.

A few days ago, I realized, all the resources we would ever need in life are sitting deep down within us. What? I know. Let me explain.

Show me a man who is aware of what he is capable of and has the will to achieve them and I will show you a man who has a high chance of succeeding in life.

Success occurs when your person cannot be separated from what you do. In other words, a man is likely to succeed if his passion is aligned with what he does.

So, this is what I’ve been up to:

I simply wrote down some fun things I wanted to do on my own (spending time with myself)

Rules: No social media during the exercise, no calls or text messages either. Just you… and time.

  1. Watching all Uncle Ebo Whyte Plays; real-life lessons, 2020 life goals

Uncle Ebo Whyte

If you need Christ-centred motivation, entertainment and wisdom all in one package, then you need to listen to Uncle Ebo Whyte. He is one of the few Ghanaian motivational speakers I admire and follow. I wasn’t even aware of how much of a fan I was until my friends asked me if I was in his team.

From the very first time I heard his narration on Joy FM 99.7 on the Old Testament bible stories, I couldn’t have enough of that wisdom.  I enjoyed every bit of it. Just imagine the characters of the Old Testament were enrolled in a school…. Oh yes…. Guess who the Professor is……. Adam, the oldest lecturer who ever lived. In his class was Jezebel and Samson……hold on for a min…I could go on and on………

I was ready to pay any amount just to learn from him (from afar). Fortunately, God had better plans.

Somehow, COVID-19 showed its ugly head so all his shows went virtual. Now I could totally afford it.

DRIVE THROUGH: subscribe for updates on and follow him on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Thank me later. I’ll be waiting for your feedback. As I type, I have already watched three of his plays (The Comeback, The day daddy came, Make me a woman tonight and all live shows at midday on Fridays).

Stay glued. Soon I’ll keep you posted on life lessons from his plays, not just this year! 2020 life goals, 2021, 2022…


  1. Taking walks at least once a week for some reflection and alone time

In this part of the world, taking casual walks is seen as a waste of time. However, it is good exercise, not for the sake of just exercising but to get some fresh air, to breathe and reflect on important issues. It relaxes my nerves and helps me think more clearly.

I realized I hardly take walks or even baths without actually enjoying the moment. So, I tried it. It seemed weird but it eventually normalized. It feels good, just spending time with myself and escaping from reality for a bit. Daydreaming is “bae”…hahaha…. How else do creative juices flow? Walking your dog? Singing loudly in the shower? Friday night movie shows? Karaoke? Anything that works for you, just for some you-fun-time. Other times, you seriously have to practice the “do-nothing approach” to get some steam off.

Pull out that list, your 2020 life goals do not have to be that scary ……breathe in…..then out…

  1. Remembering to take pictures -making memories, capturing every moment

It’s not surprising that I have many albums, filled with childhood pictures. I just enjoy salvaging the moment than taking shots. Lol. For this reason, I forget to take pictures of myself.

The good news is, I didn’t just take pictures this year, I took multiple videos. Yaay! How did I do that? I mean, me? I didn’t think about it. In my mind, I was doing the video for myself, with no audience. So, I just did it and then I posted it like I didn’t care. You can try that too if it’s not really your thing. It’s fun, once you get the hang of it.


  1. Reading and writing every day


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So, I read every day, even if it is just one page. I write every day too,just anything that comes to mind. This  helps me keep my creative juices flowing. I even decided to go on a date, with myself.

I went to a really nice local restaurant.

I took a seat outside the main building, where the lights inside shone enough for me to pen something down.

With some good music in the background, drowning in my thoughts was just a few sentences away.

Friday night vibes, writing vibes…. OMG… That was ahhhmazing.

Over a chilled glass of pineapple cocktail and with a weird smile spread across my pretty oblong face, I let the words flow.

Then, there was one problem. I didn’t want to go back home. I was so consumed.

Then a miracle happened.

Just as I was about to leave, a stranger showed up and sat right across me. He wore a dashiki- sown top and a pair of black trousers. He looked like a man in his mid-thirties and desperate need of help. He asked for a few cedis for a ride back home and without hesitating, I helped him out.

I walked slowly back home, reminiscing how I couldn’t wait to share this with you and to encourage you that it is okay to save some time away from everything to be with yourself in a healthy way. 2020 life goals indeed!

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  1.  Inspiring you

I don’t know exactly what makes you happy but you can also create an atmosphere of peace, self-care and personal growth. You could try something “out of the box” too or if you have already, let me know how it goes. I could use more ideas for hanging out.

While these could be thought-provoking, they could also become a routine and gradually suck if you don’t make it fun for you.

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C’mon, add some spirit to it! Shake all the discouraging thoughts off! Hold on, don’t shove your 2020 life goals under the carpet yet! Wipe your slate and start afresh. Let nothing steal your joy. Learn to celebrate yourself, just the way you are and see the magic that happens. I’ll be glad to hear your side of the story.



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