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11 eye-opening things you may regret as a Ghanaian by the age of 60

We all have things we wish we hadn’t said or done, at a certain time, in a particular situation or to someone especially if they’re in your inner circle. We genuinely feel sorry about it, because maybe we didn’t know better at the time. Sometimes there’s little we can do to revert them; other times, we can make it up to them somehow and perhaps even crack jokes about them. We’ll soon discuss 11 salient points to consider to not regret life by the age of 60 in the Ghanaian context.

Regret meaning

Feeling remorseful or repentant about the wrongdoing you committed. Consciously or unconsciously we all have that inner tagging when we know, without a doubt that we are in the wrong.

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Does age signify wisdom?

I’d say, maturity and exposure. I don’t think it’s an absolute necessity to be 60 or eighty to learn some lessons in life, or that every piece of advice from an elderly person is valid in your situation. You also need wisdom and a high sense of maturity.

Until a child learns that a knife or fire can be destructive, they may not be wise enough to avoid them. There is wisdom in old age, as much as, or even more when it is passed on to the younger generation, especially in their formative years. In this day and age, other factors like exposure or experiences count a great deal.

Many youths are impacting the world positively, with their talents, skills and ideas, standing on the shoulders of their predecessors or from exposure to the internet or life’s difficult situations.

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As they say, “Knowledge is power”. However, without the wise application of knowledge, it’s all vanity.

Enough of the chit-chat. Let’s get down to business.

11 eye-opening things you may regret by the age of 60 as a Ghanaian

  1. Not having a relationship with God.

Only God can fill the void

See, for some of us who have “tasted” God, or have been with Him, we realise that this friendship hits differently. Everyone has a void, and this void cannot be filled with anyone or anything but God. He’s the only anchor we can trust. The God who fetches water with a basket in place of a bucket, the one who makes seemingly impossible situations possible. I’m talking about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It’s not a rosy journey, but it’s worth it.

  1. Not spending enough time with those you care about.

Spend time with those you care about

Money is good, fame is good; you can start over at any time, even in the next generation. People are replaceable, yes they are, but how they make/ made us feel when they’re with us cannot be forgotten. What’s the use of having everything in this world, and yet no one to share them with.

  1. Not following your passion.

Invest in yourself

If you’re not doing the thing that ticks your clock or rings your bell, then you’re merely existing, not living—this is when you know your life has really begun.

It might not pay the bills, at least not now, but the satisfaction you derive from it can be compared to no other.

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  1. Holding grudges, unforgiveness.


Holding a grudge

Unforgiveness is a canker that eats us up, literally. Seriously, mehn. You holding a grudge in your tiny heart reduces the storage space for love, peace and joy. It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Whether or not the one who offended you is aware, your mental health is paramount. Letting go can be HARD, but dealing with the consequences of not letting go breeds reopens your wound, every time there is a trigger.

Life is too short and your heart is too small to hold a whole human being or group of people in it. Smile in the face of the storm, believe it, and soon, your circumstances might not seem so difficult. Maintain this attitude, and look on the bright side.

  1. Being a bootlicker.

Bootlicking people will do anything to make people like them, even if it’s against their values or principles. Come on, love yourself enough to say no; to walk away. Don’t live in anyone else’s shadow. Be the best version of yourself. You don’t need to be part of a group or be friends with a particular person to be relevant. You are unique, be outstanding; there is and would never be anyone like you; you are amazing, no one else can do it as you do; you have a beautiful mind and your smile is divine. Your ideas matter; you may not have the resources now, but it’s still valid.

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Genuinely like yourself first, I mean, LOVE YOURSELF. Wear the clothes that highlight your striking features and make you feel confident, put on a smile and be determined to make every day count, especially for those who cannot give you anything in return.

  1. Not heeding sound counsel.

This can be tricky, because we only have one life to live, and some mistakes may plague us for life. Know your inner circle. The Holy Book says, “In the multitude of counsellors, there’s safety”. Ultimately, take it to God in prayer before you make a life-changing decision like marrying the right person. I dislike the follow your heart phrase because emotions can be deceptive. I watched a Korean drama yesterday that said “Crushes have a deadline”. When all is said and done, be ready to bear the consequences of your actions.

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  1. Not taking advantage of technology.

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Over time, productivity has meant different things to different people. Ghanaians moved from stone grinding to apotoyewa(earthenware pots) now we have blenders of various forms and for varied purposes, even portable fufu (a Ghanaian delicacy made from a mixture of boiled plantain and cassava) mixing machines. Don’t be a laggard. Are you a salaried worker with a side job, a nursing mother and career woman, or a student? Technology is crucial? Are you on retirement, still need to check your SSNIT statements and track your mobile money payments especially if you are yet to plan your will?

  1. Not investing.

The “I can’t kill myself” mindset must be applied with caution. It’s good to enjoy life, but it’s wise to leave a legacy for your children and impact others. Build the platform for others also to shine. Investing in life-long goals, I’m not just talking about finances. I mean education, training/ skills, human resources, managing your emotions, etc.

The greatest form of investment you can make is in building people up.

  1. Pride


Pride is a silent killer. It’s not confidence. It’s the pompous feeling of thinking you’re superior to everyone else. Proud people do not consider other people’s opinions.

Being prideful restrains you from learning from past mistakes, acquiring knowledge and being the best you can be because, in your eyes, no one else is better than you. Falling like a bolt of lightning becomes inevitable, ASK THE DEVIL.

  1. Not taking advantage of opportunities.

Not every opportunity is meant for you, though opportunities abound. Opportunities can be risky; don’t just jump unto the next “big thing” without analyzing the pros and cons. Many Ghanaians are so desperate for job opportunities and scholarships outside the country that they fall prey to unsuspecting scammers who traffic people for prostitution and ritual murders. Do your background checks. ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD.


11. Eating healthy and exercising.

For the average Ghanaian, fruits and vegetables seem like a luxury, yet they are the most essential boosters of our immune systems. We would rather go for banku, fufu or kenkey for breakfast than for a bowl of cereal or beverage. I know, for some of us, that’s how we got through life when getting 3 square meals was a challenge, what’s more, fruits and vegetables are expensive, especially when they’re not in season. You can buy them when they’re in season and then plant and nurse them. Going to the gym is not a necessity. There’s jogging, brisk walking, skipping, etc. However, consult a medical professional for recommendations.

Gone are the days when diseases like hypertension, diabetes, stroke and heart conditions were seen as the preserve for the aged.

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Regrets are inevitable, but every Ghanaian has something to learn from. If you’re reading this, you probably know what I’m talking about by now. Start living now!



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