Motivational thoughts

10 surprisingly basic motivational thoughts that will trigger your Will to succeed daily

No. Not motivational quotes. Motivational thoughts!

Motivational thoughts may not be quotes. Motivational quotes are, “Let’s do this” or “Doing this makes you wiser or better”. Motivational thoughts are “Why should I do this in the first place” or “Why am I doing this” or “Why should I do it this way?”.

They are reminders. They answer all the “why’s”.

They trigger the desire to practically do or to change situations.

How significant are motivational thoughts?

Many times, when we read motivational books or quotes and listen to motivational messages and we are touched to do more and to be better people.

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The million-dollar question is, what happens after that? Does it materialize?

It’s not far-fetched, don’t worry. You only need to take a step at a time.

Here’s where to start from

It doesn’t end at making a bucket list of the things you’d want to do in your lifetime. Nope. If wishes were horses, ….. You get the drift, right? Good!

Let’s look beyond wishing and be practical about how you’re going to get them done


What is(are) the problem(s)?

How can I solve them?

What can I do every day to help me solve them?

Can I sustain doing them daily?

 Stay with me……

We get destructed a lot. There’s family stuff, work, social media, school, friends, daily news and random thoughts. Sometimes, we don’t make enough time to pause and find out what we want or how to get there even when we finally decide.

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The truth is, no matter how excited you get, you’re still going to need daily reminders about why you’re even doing this in the first place. You’ll need them to sustain the excitement.

Some people have dedicated their lives to preaching the gospel because of their background as atheists.

Some people are pushed to live to fulfil a promise they made to their deceased parents. Others, dedicated to helping small business startups or help save lives of cancer patients because their loved one died of cancer and they don’t want others to go through a similar ordeal.


These 10 basic motivational thoughts are all you need

  1. Faith


I believe that there is a higher purpose for our existence and our creator, God is the ultimate reason for our lives.

  1. Family


“Blood is thicker than water”, they say. The family is a haven. It’s not only biological but people who love and accept you when everyone else turns their back on you. They believe in you and uphold your values too. You’ll do anything to make them keep their heads up high.

  1. Nature


Personally, nature reminds me of the creation story. How the earth was null and void and how everything lightened up at God’s command. How things can get better in an instant. How the birds of the air live with no worries, how the flowers in the fields bloom with no one watering them and how the earth contains the beautiful blue sea. That is how I am reminded that I will bloom wherever I am planted.

The thought of how my story will end is a call to action for me. What about you?

  1. Creativity/ passion/ imagination


Are you moved by other people’s stories? Their passion and imagination? How well someone sings, dances, sculpts, paints, cooks, writes a life-changing book? They may even be our mentors. We just say to ourselves that if they could do it, then I can do it too. If they answered the call, I can’t let others down either.

  1. A good laugh and seeing others smile

A good laugh

I always say that there are only two people in this world.  “Those who tell jokes and make you laugh and those who laugh at your jokes. Those who can do the two, are phenomenal (I’m good at laughing and retelling other people’s jokes, lol).

Sometimes, you just cannot forget the smile on that orphan’s face when you gave him food and clothed him or the tears an old lady shed when you paid for all her rotten tomatoes and let her keep the change. The tears of joy on a mother’s face when you helped raise funds to support her baby’s surgery. How can a person forget such things?

  1. Association with goal-oriented people



The Holy Book affirms that bad company corrupts good manners.

There will always be reasons why you can’t do anything. There will always be people to remind you of that too.

Perhaps that’s why you live your dream life in your mind. Be with people who are goal getters. Choose people who see good in every situation. They help shape your perspective. These people are constant reminders.

Oh, I forgot to mention that motivational thoughts are intentional. They don’t just jump on you!


The change lies in the actions, not in the knowing.

-Emmanuella Obeng-Koranteng

Change lies in actions

  1. Observation and learning new things


I know, right. Not everyone is a writer, a singer, an artist but everyone can learn something new and jot some thoughts down. On your phone’s notepad, of course, if you have to. You don’t easily forget what you write. It helps restrain you from saying unnecessary stuff. We all have opinions but you don’t always have to air them. Everyone can learn to observe more. What you ponder on the most reflects in your speech. The words we speak daily can ensnare us one day. “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”, they say.


  1. Honest or “real” people

Sometimes we want to keep to ourselves and kick everyone out of our business, but the people who can look you straight into the eye and say, “you’ve fallen” are priceless. Most people just talk about you but can’t tell you. Those who can share their weaknesses and admit to certain mistakes they made in the past, just to get you to realize how bad you can mess up should not be taken for granted. It takes wisdom and courage to do that and still hold your head up high.


  1. Love


I mean, romantic love. A lover who supports you to do what you love and to be the best version of yourself triggers gives you some “superpowers” to conquer the world knowing that they’ve got your back and you have theirs too.


  1. Setbacks


Don’t be surprised! Think of that major setback you had and the lessons you learnt from it. Did it not make you stronger, more matured and focused? They are designed to spring you to your designed destination. Other people’s setbacks become your turning point and yours become other’s. However, you’re likely to be more cautious in similar situations. They are reminders.


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These are not merely words of encouragement. They are daily thoughts, experiences, decisions and actions that determine whether or not you become the person you were meant to be.


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No one else’s validation of you can be as powerful as yours. Allow yourself to bloom.

-Emmanuella Obeng-Koranteng

Why do you do what you do and what daily motivational thoughts awaken you?





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